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At Powerlooks Global, we recognize that a brand is an intangible asset made up of expectations developed over time. When the clients’ or customers’ expectations are met, the brand is reinforced and strengthened. If people don't get what they expect, brand equity is diminished.

Building a strong brand requires the alignment of every component of the organization with the brand strategy. This reaches far beyond traditional brand management centers like marketing and advertising. 

At Powerlooks Global, we help our clients build a strong and lasting brand, 3 levels deep:

  1. Figurehead branding
  2. Corporate branding
  3. Human resources branding

To ensure that a Brand is reinforced and grows stronger over time, it is built based on
6 dimensions:

  1. Mindset
  2. Message
  3. Brand Experience
  4. Visual
  5. Brand extensions
  6. Time factor

The result is a strong and solid personal or corporate brand that continues to strengthen year by year.





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